Fitness Friday : Go Easy On Your Body + Try Something New {Yogalates} !

So, I was scouring through youtube vids looking for a cool workout to try out today when suddenly I recalled my 'The O.C.' watching days when all of the women in the show were doing something called Yogalates!
I found this video which gives a brief Yogalates breakdown & workout plan then it gets to the 200 minute workout!

The entire video breaks down into the following parts if you’re looking to try something new, but on the light* today ;) »>

Workout 1  +abdominals, waist, pelvic floor { 5:12 - 30:09 }
Workout 2  +arms, chest, upper back, spine { 30:13 - 44:29 }
Workout 3  +butt, lower back, legs { 44:31 - 1:01:09 }
Workout 4  +total body workout { 1:01:18 - 1:25:44 }

(** it sounded funny saying it out loud slowly and I also suddenly recall the husbands on ‘The O.C.’ laughing at how this word sounded coming out of their wives’ mouths, haha!)


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