A Week In Pictures

When a week passes by so quickly sometimes I honestly feel like my phone is capturing the small moments that are in turn the theme of my week.
September ending, October starting and somewhere in there finding a balance in routine.
Juicing, teaching, consulting, shopping and getting ready for everything October, fall is in the air and I absolutely love it!

Jumping on the juicing bandwagon this week really proved to help my cold out.
Not only did juicing ginger every day help in a HUGE way, I actually noticed an improvement in my skin and my focus throughout the week. 
Such a simple and efficient way to add health, juicing is my jam and Im completely in love.

Whenever I do commit to a week where I will be cutting out more solids, a smoothie is always something that comes in handy to add a quick nutritional boost to my day.

My current favourite recipe is an amazing tasting blend that honestly tastes like a Milkshake! Need I say more?

Choco-Banana Smoothie 

+ 1 banana
+ 1 cup of organic almond milk
+ 1 tsp. raw cocoa
+ 1 tbsp. raw organic almond butter

Blend and Enjoy!

Black and white has definitely been one of my favourite colour combos and is always a classic and stellar go to.

+ pants: Lululemon
+ bag: Lululemon
+ umbrella: Balmain

One of my favourite local juice-deliveries which can also be purchased at the hot yoga studio where I teach.
One the go juices are absolutely wonderful when you are in a rush and need a quick-fix in the day for kick of health.

* Always check that the company uses cold-press and is Organic!

Health is a journey that will always have its challenges, but at the end of it you will always feel like smiling, because to be frank, you wont be able not to. You will fee THAT GOOD!

xx, happy weekend!

September Detox : Juicing

imageThere is something about Fall that will always have me gearing up for the year in a way that is meticulous and organized and very much school-like.

I always looked forward to the back to school shopping and it’s funny, now looking back, just how excited I really did get buying new 0.7 lead click-pencils & fresh white paper. 

I have since traded in my binder for a magic bullet and have felt this need to start the year fresh and new, coming out of summer set up for the ultimate of success!
This reason, on top of living a crazy busy life, has me obsessing over cleansing and detoxing.imageCleansing and detoxing are two of the best ways to up your health in major ways. Not only do you give your body a chance to re-set and re-balance, but by focusing on physical health, you are already activating a certain consciousness in the mind that is healthy as well.

We are after all an entire functioning unit and if one area suffers then they all do.
One of my ultimate favourite ways to reset is to Juice.imageJuicing has become a fairly large part of my life, especially as being a buys person, I find it sometimes hard to get in as many greens as I should be getting.

Now, just to clarify, when I say Juicing I am specifically talking about using a juicer to juice fresh organic produce.
NOT drinking Minute Maid by the carton or reaching for Tropicana, nasty sugar-shiz that they are, you want to drink the nutrients from pure & organic produce that you literally watch turn into a beautiful life-elixir!

Elixir…ya I like Juicing THAT much.imageJuicing is a quick way to not only get a shot of health, but by focusing on intaking juice as opposed to eating solids, your body is able to give your digestive system a much needed break (trust me, that little motor you got in there is working ALL THE TIME! Give it a rest and see what wonders your body will reap!) and benefit from absorbing all the nutrients that are ready to be sponged up!

Bu juicing, you can also help alkalize your body, which is what you want. Cancer and disease grow in acidic environments, while alkalinity is technically hostile to disease. Cancer cannot thrive in alkaline environments! This one major reason why everyone could benefit from adding a little juicing action into their lives. 

That as well as the fact that it tastes so gosh darn delicious.
imageSo this September, Im focusing on re-alkalizing.

By Juicing - experimenting with some amazing recipes as well as prepping for my first home Juice-cleanse I know my body will get the nutritional re-set it needs. 
If you are interested in Juicing, I highly recommend the book "Juice" by de Caestro, Gores & Slater as well as "The Big Book Of Juice" by Natalie Savona which have both been sources of inspiration as well as information on creating the ultimate in juices. 

Happy September everyone!
Let’s detox it up ;) 

When Summer Flies By

It’s hard to believe how crazy quickly summer has flown by!
I mean don’t get me wrong, we are still in summer, however those long and hot evenings are becoming fewer and fewer as fall fast approaches.
This summer has been a delicious blend of fresh watermelon juice, taking in relaxing walks to the park, gelato on humid nights and fun in the sun.
After all, it really is the simple things that make summer so special.

Deelish & Nutrish

On days when the heat is turning up and the day is going long, there are a few food essentials that really do keep me boosting it till the end!

With busy schedules, staying healthy can be a bit of a challenge but luckily there are some quick bites/sips that make the difference and are wonderful for a little bit of a snack.
Plus, what’s worse than walking around in the heat all day then feeling faint?

Satisfying little treats all the way!

{ freshest of the fresh for fresh breath & a healthy and alkaline bod that will feel refreshed }

{ the most delicious protein bar ever - will be posting recipe soon! new love, Love, LOVE }

{ chia seeds are a fave for being an ultimate superfood that also acts as a flat-ab fave - Win! }

{ skip the ice cream and opt to try Coconut Bliss, the most prime of finds in coconut ice cream }

Prime Finds

As May fast-approaches, my daily go-to’s have simplified and I am lightening the load in my bag.
Without the need for beanies, gloves, scarves and entire makeup bags, it’s been fun to select a few favourites that are currently making my month easy and breazy!
Maybe not quite Covergirl though because there are some naughty and not so nice chems and fillers in those little tubes!

***Ahem, ahem parabens, pthylates, mineral oil and all you nasties!

Along with speeding up the step with a much lighter tote, colour is something that has become a treat for the eyes.
The trend of pastels pulling me in a little with home details and accessories, adding softness to the look of a space.

As the days heat up, so does the craving for refreshing and delicious fruits and vegetables to snack on or juice for a nutrition boost.
I don’t know about you, but whenever spring happens I always feel my desire to be über healthy kick up a notch, which is why I really love being able to pick up a quick juice on the go on crazy busy days when my body needs the green fuel!

Thank you summer motivation ;)

{ loving aspartame-free Pür gum & my Skinny Bitch lifestyle journal and my coral Hunter flats }

{ @rejuicenutrition organic juices, easy to grab for quick on the go nutrient boost - Loveee the lemonade }

{ one of the best parts of spring :: when the colour comes out in the market with fresh fruit & veggies }

{ when in doubt, the @lululemon flow y bra is always a good choice for home workouts }

{ nothing like a little post-Easter mini egg action w/ @theskinnyconfidential lifestyle book }

{ a fun DIY project that I will post more on soon! So easy and so fun for a rainy spring day }

Hope Tuesday rocked your socks just a little bit ;)