Spring Air

For me there are three sure ways I can tell it’s spring.
1- you can hear the birds as soon as you leave you building
2- mini-eggs are anywhere are everywhere you go, tempting you along the way ;)
3- Easter eggs become a decorative feature in the shops & boutiques around town

It so happens that yesterday all three hit at once!
I didn’t buy mini-eggs, but rather withstood the desire and opted for a healthy-dessert mod, also known as the most delicious granola ever!
This stuff has real chocolate chunks, so mini-eggs you shall not be missed.

On my little walk around town, I was also fortunate enough to see these beautiful silk-dyed eggs.
I am not familiar with silk dying, however one look at these delicate beauties had me thinking about my own Easter traditions and egg decorating…
Maybe a next week DIY is in order. Silk dying anyone?

I hope you are enjoying your weekend and taking some time for yourself.
Explore, have fun and add a little spring to your step to match the Spring in the air ;)

Happy weekend everyone!

{ the best Green-Kombucha tea by Yogi Tea :: not only do they taste great but they welcome you with a lovely little saying }

{ this gourmet granola will satisfy any sweet tooth and have you going to bed just to wake up for breakfast in the morning, it’s that good! }

{ beautiful pastel eggs, perfect for a home DIY project or even just to add some colour to your space & decor }

{ hopefully one of the last weeks I need to bundle up with my hat, either way it feels great to be outdoors with the birds singing! }

Oil Pulling : The Deets


So lately I have been hearing a lot about Oil Pulling.
From blogs I read, to people I know to stories from friends, Oil Pulling has been in the talks, and the reviews have been great.

I had decided to try this Ayurvedic practice since I had
a) 1 tsp. Coconut Oil
b) 20 minutes to kill

It’s actually that simple. 
Take 20 minutes to swish 1 tsp. of cocolnut oil (give or take) in your mouth to experience an array of positive effects on top of instant teeth whitening. I honestly thought that I had nothing to lose, so why not try? Not to mention, all of my favourite bloggers and health gurus were mentioning it and I had been hearing such positive feedback. Now I can tell you that it’s pretty much an amazing cure-all and remedy for everythang.

I swear it’s THAT good!image

:: The Deets ::

+ Mixing oil with the saliva causes the lipids in the oils begin to pull out toxins from the saliva

+ As the oil is swished around the mouth, teeth, gums and tongue, the oil continues to absorb toxins

+ After 15-20 minutes it is spit out before the toxins are reabsorbed


+ less toxins in the body = healthier body = awesomely hot body


The benefits of OP-ing really do continue on and in only one week or so I have already noticed a few things.

 - my nails are healthier & stronger
 - my teeth are are noticeably whiter ( *this I noticed right away! )
 - hair is feeling softer/more manageable (significant for curly hair )
 - increase in energy post-OP
 - any signs of sore throat have disappeared once I OP
 - cleaner feeling mouth, better morning breath & shiny clean chicklets!

I wont lie, it took me a bit to get used to.
While I would never consider myself a picky eater or taste // texture-sensitive, however letting coconut melt in your mouth is a little weird, and I did fight a certain gag-reflex the first time. 
The trick is to maybe even start in increments. If 1tsp. of coconut oil seems like a lot, try a little less and if 20 minutes seems like an eternity of torture then maybe go for 10 minutes starting!

I did the OP for 10 minutes and worked myself up to 20. 
Now I can do it twice daily for 20-30 no sweat. 
Soon it becomes your daily ritual while you are showering/getting ready, e-mailing, checking out instagram, facebook etc. or even while you are working out (double-duty it!) or while catching an episode.

So Easy. So Effective. So Efficient. Sooo Energizing. So Effin’ Cool !!!


Happy TGIF,

and this weekend why not try a nice and easy little thing called Oil Pulling that you just found out about and are curious to try ;)

Seriously, It’s  THAT Good.


The start of a new month always gives me a reminder that it is the beginning of something new.
And with anything new, the palette is clean, possibilities are endless and there is suddenly a want to be more active.
Take on that project, get on that cleanse, try that new class or apply for that dream job.
There is something about spring that brings up the call of starting something new…


Spring happens to be one of my favourite seasons because not only do I begin to feel more alive as the sun stays out longer and the birds begin to chirp earlier, but spring also marks the end to staying indoors and clinging to any warmth you can find (maybe an exaggeration a bit, but it does get dang cold up in this place, Montréal!).

Through these transitioning days where the morning is still slightly frigid and a warm cup of something is just needed to get the body rolling, I tend to back off of coffee unless I can afford the organic beans so instead I’ve been opting in for this Green Tea blend that also comes in a regular version (still only containing 30mg caffeine compared to the 90mg of coffee).

I’m also a kombucha-obsessed-devotee so with the mix of kombucha this tea has been my go-to for the last 2 weeks.
I had the regular version last week and picked up the decaf version this week and both are amazing.

Love me some tea.

image» Green Tea happens to be amazing for raising the metabolism, it’s antioxidants, anti-carcinogenic effects as well as it’s ability to be paired with delicious flavours like breath-friendly spearmint and soft & delicate plum notes that give this tea a slight fruity flavour «

» so refreshing + sooooo good :: this tea will be amazing in the summer over ice, maybe even spritzed up a little with some Kim Crawford Sauvignon blanc and Perrier «


+ Did you know that : gapefruit mixed with green tea is a powerful blend that has been shown to significantly help prevent & reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men.


I love grapefruit not because of just how wonderfully punchy it is, but grapefruit has insane health benefits that make this little baby a numero uno in my shopping cart.

Not only does eating grapefruit help speed up your metabolism, thus revving your calorie-burning machine of a body, but grapefruit also helps in balancing out blood sugar levels which could lead to weight gain around the middle.

Grapefruits have high levels of antioxidants promoting optimal health and they are also rich in Vitamin C which is a boost of healthy. Studies have also shown that eating grapefruit can protect against colon and lung cancer by reducing the activity of an enzyme that activates cancer-causing chemicals.

Grapefruit, you da bomb.


» Mary Helen Bowers lifestyle book with excellent nutrition tips, simple & effective body-weight exercises that you can do from anywhere, and a great approach to overall health / wellness / living «

» Oil Pulling :: the latest holistic/health-nut trend for everything from better hair+nails to whiter teeth to prevention strep to helping immunie system . Will be posting soon on this Ayurvedic practice «

Fibre = Flat Abs


Fibre is totally my friend.
As a trainer, I get a lot of people asking me about what foods they should eat to help get their tums in flattened shape for the approaching spring/summer season (who am I kidding though, there’s still snow on the ground here!)
The fact is that while planks will have your 6-pack firing like no ones business, abs are really made in the kitchen.

Greens, leafy vegetables and fruit are just a few foods that are helpful but the real answer is this: fibre will help you get the tight toned taught tum that you’ve been wishing for since you watched the Victorias Secret fashion show and died a little on the inside.



What’s cool about fibre is that because it doesn’t digest like proteins/carbohydrates (it doesn’t actually get digested at all!) fibre has the responsible role of moving through the digestive tract at an efficient rate to both cleanse the colon, rid the body of toxins and essentially get anything lurking in your gut up and out the back door!

Fibre is amazing for flushing the body as well as ensuring a healthy and productive digestive tract. I may have just meantioned the colon cleansing part, but this is huge.
So many toxins in the body hang around in the colon, and let me tell you that being backed up detracts from having optimal energy, focus, great skin/hair/nails, staying healthy, feeling healthy, and being healthy.

Eat Fibre = healthy colon = flat abs = happy & healthy body.

Seems pretty straight forward?


There are 2 kinds of fibre you may have heard about already:

1. Soluble Fibre
Soluble fibre dissolves in water and becomes gel-like in texture. It can help lower blood cholesterol & sugar levels.

2. Insoluble Fibre
Insoluble fibre keeps things moving in the digestive tract and can really help those prone to constipation and/or irregular bowl-movements (yuck, but seriously sooooo important!)

Most plant-based foods contain both insoluble & soluble fibres which is why eating Lean, Mean & Green (LMG anyone?!) is always a solid bet when wanting to ::
a) get a flatter/tighter stomach
b) lose weight Or
c) healthify your body with the best of the best food, Premium gas in your priceless Ferrari (a.k.a. Your Body)

imageGrocery List for High-Fibre Foods

+ oats
+ quinoa
+ barley
++ whole grains ++
+ flax seeds
+ chia seeds
+ apples
+ citrus fruits » grapefruit is my ultimate fave!
+ beans + lentils
+ nuts // seeds
+ leafy greens » Kale, Spinach, Romaine, Swiss Chard, Collard Greens
++ ANY greens / vegetable / fruit / plant-based food ++